Welcome To The Tribe: Deeptech Accelerator #03

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IoT Tribe welcomes aboard twelve best-in-class startups from four continents to form its third Deeptech Accelerator cohort.

Buoyed by the successful outcomes of two prior cohorts in 2020 and 2021, IoT Tribe announced today the third batch of best-in-class startups and scaleups which will be joining its Deeptech Accelerator programme.

The new cohort will feature 12 companies from 4 continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. It will comprise growth-stage startups and scaleups with deeptech solutions set to disrupt a spectrum of industries, such as smart cities, industry 4.0, manufacturing, energy, logistics, supply chain, among others.

Held in partnership with Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board on the Global Innovation Alliance initiative, the Deeptech Accelerator programme will assist deeptech startups and scaleups on their expansion into and across the Asia Pacific, using Singapore as a springboard. With a vibrant startup culture and business-friendly environment, Singapore is one of the booming technology hubs in Asia, offering the startups opportunities to leverage upon strong business & technology expertise as well as ecosystem networks in the country.



We prevent death and destruction caused by cyber-physical attacks, shielding vulnerable OT equipment inside encrypted virtual networks.

Evreka is a leading SaaS company providing the most comprehensive intelligent solution designed for the entire category of waste management.

foldAI brings IoT, AI and data science to natural ecosystems for forestry, biodiversity and climate change remediation.

INESS is focused on converting small-medium sized commercial buildings into data sources by utilising the INESS IoT system and creating predictive models of buildings usage trends and human behaviour.


Low Sulphur Fuels has developed a radical new process to convert used hydrocarbon feedstocks to produce low sulphur distillate and naphtha. These are key feedstocks to make biofuels, new plastics and chemicals.

Seashore Networks creates dynamic wireless bandwidth using Software to run 4G 5G IoT applications and devices, across multiple service providers simultaneously.

SmartPulse is a unique cloud-based SaaS platform, improving the feasibility of power market assets. It provides an end-to-end solution for trading, forecasting and operational monitoring, including a self-developed IoT hardware.


Streem.ai is an intelligent anomaly detection and pattern recognition tool that maximises data insights for professionals working with large amounts of unlabelled data, enabling them to make fast and informed data-driven decisions.

Switch Automation offers a unique enterprise software toolkit enabling the greenest and smartest buildings on the planet.

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