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We partner and strategically work with industry-leading corporates, public agencies and organisations globally, fuelling their businesses and communities with ground-breaking solutions developed by world-class tech startups and scaleups. By partnering with us, you will gain access to a unique, highly collaborative and curated technology ecosystem, designed to fast-track discovery, validation and adoption of the latest disruptive technologies of strategical relevance to your business and community. 

This is an opportunity to enhance your global reach and internal capabilities leveraging our worldwide network from our international hubs in London, Madrid and Singapore. 

Enhance Your Capabilities


Future-proofing your business


Accessing the best of the best


Lowering disruptive tech costs


Optimizing operational efficiency

Market Access

Market access programmes and landing pads that will help startups and scaleups scale abroad, or attract them to expand into your country or region.

Net Zero Tech Alliance

A platform for leading industry players to jointly build the future of Net Zero operations and business models, and bridge the gap between Net Zero goals and the delivery of tangible results.

Solutions for Corporate & Public Sector Partners

IoT Tribe works hand-in-hand with corporates who want to harness the power of next-gen technologies and visionary public agencies creating tech-enabled ecosystems. We channel talent and tech through our accelerators, alliances and initiatives, fuelled by access to world-leading startups, scaleups & SMEs with cutting edge technologies.


Focused on specific technological themes, our equity-free accelerators offer corporates and public agencies access to an ecosystem of validated disruptive technologies to fast-track technological adoption.

We work with you to identify technologies that bring the greatest impact to your business or community, establish technology adoption roadmaps, and curate a programme that would effectively source, harness and scale best-in-class technologies. Through our Design Studios©, you establish fit and shape the solutions together with validated startups, scaleups and SMEs, driving strategic and technological alignment to deliver on real results.

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Net Zero Tech Alliance

The Net Zero Tech Alliance convenes key stakeholders from industry, government, academia, R&D and the startup ecosystem, curates discussions around what can be done and mobilises the technologies that can drive exponential progress towards common goals.

It creates a structured environment in which resources, know-how and data can be pooled to define and deliver outcome-focused collaborations. This will achieve greater impact, more quickly, with less risk and more efficiently than individually to decouple economic growth from the intensive use of energy and resources.

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Other Strategic Tech Initiatives

From technology challenges to bespoke technology adoption programmes, strategic events and more, IoT Tribe provides a platform for disruptive next-generation technologies to be adopted across industries, and partnerships to be forged between startups and the industry 

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Unlocking Tech-Driven Opportunities

Gain an unfair advantage. Anticipate disruption, future proof your operations and build long-term market leadership.

Who We Work With

Since our inception, we have worked with the world’s leading corporates and public agencies to drive technological disruption and adoption. The following are a selection of partners we have worked with to curate tech programmes and initiatives, or develop pilots with our startups.

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