Korea Tourism Startup Center IR Demo Day

As part of KTSC’s program to support the startups’ market access plans into Singapore and Southeast Asia (SEA) region for startups’ global growth, the KTSC Startup Center IR Demo Day & Networking Dinner, hosted at KTO Singapore, was an event specially curated with the vision of showcasing leading Korean travel-tech startups to the VCs / investors and industry ecosystem from Singapore and the wider South-East Asia (SEA) region.

With the tourism sector having embarked on good progress in its recovery since travel reopened for Singapore, there has been a substantial increase in interest and demand for related innovations and technologies.

In its support for the event, IoT Tribe coordinated the day’s organisation and logistics, using our vast network of VCs, investors and corporates in Singapore to ensure a curated audience with a strong interest in traveltech. By aggregating complementary strengths and resources, the event sought to provide a cohort of Korea’s most disruptive traveltech startups with an opportunity to pitch for investment from local investors, and pilot projects with leading corporates and public agencies.


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Demo Day

The Demo Day and Networking Dinner, hosted at KTO Singapore on May 10 2023, was part of the KTSC’s Demo Day event series, where 7 of Korea’s most disruptive traveltech startups were invited to showcase their technologies to VCs, investors, corporates and other key stakeholders in the Singaporean travel and tech ecosystems.

To compliment the startup showcases, the Demo Day also featured plentiful networking opportunities, and a short presentation on the 2023 KTO Korea Travel Fair

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The Demo Day was followed up with a Networking Dinner, where the startups and many of the attendees were joined by other key stakeholders across the tech and travel ecosystems in Singapore, as the startups made the most of the myriad of networking opportunities on offer as they look to embed themselves in Singapore.

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