IoT Tribe was founded with the vision to accelerate the growth and adoption of disruptive technologies globally. Since our inception, we have built a unique community that brings together founders and the broader technology ecosystem. This community includes startups, scaleups and SMEs that offer key enabling technologies applicable across industry verticals, fueled by the relationships we curate with our network of public sector, corporate and community partners across the world.

The Tribe is clustered around our hubs in the United Kingdom, across Europe, in Singapore, and across Asia Pacific. This expertise is now being leveraged for the benefit of the whole technology ecosystem, serving to catalyse the growth and adoption of new technologies through our tech accelerators, technology alliances, corporate partnerships and support of the scaling up and market expansion of companies globally.


Programmes & Initiatives Launched to date, effective enabling tech growth and adoption across industries and markets.


Startups, Scaleups & SMEs From over 30 countries have come through one or more of IoT Tribe’s programmes and its predecessor, Startup Scaleup


Leading Corporates & Public Agencies Engaged in our programmes as partners, sponsors, enablers and technology adopters.


Raised by Alumni Startups & Scaleups During or post-programme, to date, constantly growing and bringing differential value to industry


Mentors & Experts
in the Tribe Supporting the growth of startups, scaling up their businesses and deployment of technologies

What we do

Our Products & Services

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Focused on specific technological themes, our accelerators offer corporates and public agencies access to an ecosystem of validated disruptive technologies to fast-track technological adoption and unlock new sources of value collaboratively.

We work with you to identify technologies that bring the greatest impact to your business or community, establish technology adoption roadmaps, and curate a programme that would effectively source, harness and scale best-in-class technologies.

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Market Access & Expansion

Through our hubs in London and Singapore, we have facilitated the market expansion of scaleups & SMEs from over 30 markets into and across Europe and Asia Pacific.

We work with public agencies to create landing pads to attract companies into their region, as well as run dedicated programmes and initiatives to support scaleups & SMEs in exploring new business opportunities and market expansion into new markets.

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Open Innovation & Tech Adoption

We enable organisations across industries to disrupt the future and solve their challenges by seeking for revolutionary solutions from startups, scaleups & SMEs through Open Innovation Challenges we facilitate.

And through our Tech Studios©, we help organisations establish fit and shape the solutions together with validated startups, scaleups and SMEs, driving strategic and technological alignment to deliver on real results through Proof of Value pilots.

Corporate Venturing

We work with organisations globally to identify new opportunities for growth, develop cutting-edge solutions internally to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape and create new value for your customers.

By leveraging our expertise and global ecosystem, we provide support throughout the corporate venturing process, from ideation and concept development, clarifying sources of value, to product launch, go-to-market and scaling up.

Our flagship tech ecosystems

Connecting industry leaders with disruptive technologies & the broader tech ecosystem 

GREAT Legal Services UK Singapore Lawtech Programme

Fast-tracking UK legaltechs' expansion into the Singapore market

Decarbonise SY

Accelerating Net Zero startups through expert mentorship and corporate engagement

UK-Malaysia Digital Innovation Programme

Enabling a fully digitalised Malaysian economy by connecting connecting Malaysian corporates to proven UK digital solutions

Industrial Tech

Accelerating cutting-edge industrial technologies and their adoption in UK manufacturing


Powering up disruptive deeptech startups for frictionless corporate adoption of deep technologies

Connected Places

Enabling intelligent systems and advanced analytics for smarter and more sustainable industries

London Tech Calling

Fast-tracking Singapore scaleups and SMEs' expansion to the UK and beyond

Retail Tech

Reactivating the High Street after COVID-19 through advanced digital technologies

Space Endeavour

Unlocking the potential of space technologies and satellite data across industries

UK-ASEAN Digital Innovation Showcase

Demonstrating the best of UK capabilities and solving Southeast Asian corporates’ challenges


Delivering results to our clients & partners