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The transition towards the Net Zero Economy is at the heart of the most important societal challenges of the modern era. The transition is dependent on the buy-in of citizens and businesses but must be supported by technologies that are easy to integrate, deploy and scale. They can be applied across multiple domains but particularly:
  • Smart Buildings and Living Environments: emerging technologies, such as IoT, 5G and big data, changing how modern buildings are designed, built, and operated;
  • Smart Cities: driving the adoption of green technology that monitors city infrastructures, manage traffic flows, water and air quality etc. These technologies can drive behavioural change across society and super-charge the transition that is necessary to meet the climate goals.

The Connected Places Accelerator was run in partnership with Barnsley Council. The programme focused on accelerating a cohort of 10 startups which are contributing to decarbonisation through technologies that connect people, buildings and communities. Run virtually, Connected Places was anchored in Barnsley, and linked to our London and global tech ecosystem.

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