Tribe Predictions: Tech Trends For 2021

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The technological advances and innovative solutions that have been achieved during 2020 are nothing short of incredible. These innovations are destined to transform how we do business and almost every other facet of life for a long time to come, from how we communicate, educate, and entertain to how we seek medical care, commute, and even launch satellites into space.

It’s safe to say no one could imagine what 2020 would bring but perhaps 2021 will be a bit more predictable. We asked 5 founders from our accelerator programmes to tell us what they think will be the biggest tech trends in 2021.

Content, content, content

“My 2021 prediction is that GPT3 goes mainstream, having been integrated into lots of products over the course of 2020, and floods the internet with machine-generated content that is indistinguishable from human-generated.”

– Tom Herman, AirCarbon, London Tech Calling #01.

Rise of the botnets

“Damages by data breaches and ransomware will break new records in 2021 and cybersecurity will become the most important challenge for a stable business.

We will see AI-powered decentralized botnets rising. Hard to tear down and highly flexible on automated optimization of their attacking strategy.”

– Mirko Ross, asvin, Space Endeavour Accelerator #02.

Industrial revolution 5.0

“Next phase of the industrial revolution focusing on digitalisation will be accelerated and more than 50% of all industrial product sales will be conducted via an E-commerce platform. Buying and selling can be done anytime, anywhere.”

– Don Tan, Valves & Piping Asia, London Tech Calling #02.

Extra cheese on mine please, Mr Robot

“Robots are the next employees in our bars and kitchens allowing restaurants to operate safer, faster and deliver a more personalised food menu. Covid has increased the demand for safety in foodservice places and robots are coming to rescue the business and feed you under any lockdowns! Robots might look sci-fi but they will make your food more affordable and healthy.”

– Kishhanth Reganathan, Macco Robotics, Deeptech Accelerator #02.

Big brother is watching

“2021 will be a pivotal year for AI governance with corporates and governments having to confront issues of privacy, fairness and explainability as demand for transparency grows.”

– Timothy Lin, Cylynx, London Tech Calling #02.

Whatever happens in 2021, technology adoption will be a key factor in any business’ success as digitalisation and transformation will continue to shape the future of how business is being done. Join IoT Tribe to explore how you can access a vibrant technology ecosystem to set you up for 2021.

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