Welcome To The Tribe: Our 3rd Space Endeavour Cohort


IoT Tribe welcomes the addition of nine international startups with nascent space technologies to form our third Space Endeavour cohort.

Following the immense success with our first two cohorts, IoT Tribe enters a new milestone this week with the launch of its third Space Endeavour cohort, comprising nine international startups with promising space technologies.

With support from our extensive network of experts, mentors and partners, the selected startups – each at varying stages of maturity – will receive tailored support based on their profile and needs as part of the programme. In particular, they will be provided with close guidance from thought leaders whom possess expertise relevant to their respective fields, to develop and refine their go-to-market strategies throughout the duration of the programme.

The startups selected to be part of the third cohort are:

  • ADAPT – making digitalisation and IoT more user-friendly and accessible for everyone through the development of scalable tech toolsets.
  • BeOn IoT – offers real-time asset tracking solutions already approved by select airlines such as Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines to track and trace valuable as well as sensitive products for worldwide shipping.
  • Detektia – is developing solutions that monitor and analyse deformation in dams, infrastructures, aquifers and entire cities from space, using satellite data to improve decision-making processes for global sustainability and resiliency.
  • Dipteron – is building an application that uses earth observation satellite data and artificial intelligence to predict outbreaks of mosquito diseases, allowing decision-makers to take mitigation actions more effectively.
  • ECOTEN Urban Comfort – is an urban and environmental engineering company employing a data-driven approach to assist urban development stakeholders in achieving their target goals towards sustainable development and climate resiliency.
  • Loamics – provides a unique data infrastructure capable of merging massive heterogeneous data in real-time and in a fully automated, industrialised manner. The startup is a spinoff from Energisme and is planning to scale rapidly.
  • Magos – aims to become the market leader in the human-computer interaction (HCI) sector through its next-generation HCI platform that has the potential to revolutionise the interaction framework in extended reality (XR) environments.
  • MyDataBall – specialises in the processing, calculation and use of data to deliver industrial artificial intelligence (AI), responding quickly to customer needs and questions about the feasibility of AI in their environments.
  • Super-Sharp Space Systems – has developed a patent-pending self-alignment technology which can position optics with a margin of error close to one-hundredth of the width of a hair strand. Their disruptive technology makes powerful TIR space telescopes more affordable, and images captured by these telescopes can be used for applications such as wildfire detection and crop monitoring.

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