Fast-track Your Company’s Expansion
to the UK

Elevate your business to the next level by expanding to the UK and Europe

The World Is Evolving Fast

Industries today experience more global challenges than ever before, affecting how value chains operate and perform, changing business and working dynamics worldwide. This has also marked a shift towards a new technological reality, where market optimism towards the adoption of new technologies are at an all-time high.

There is no better time to expedite the expansion of your company both regionally and globally, with the value of technologies set to rise amid the growing dynamism of worldwide markets.

IoT Tribe will work hand-in-hand with you to fine-tune your company’s value proposition and connect you with ambitious corporates as well as visionary public agencies to drive the sustainable growth of your best-in-class technologies, starting with the UK and European markets.

London Tech Calling

In partnership with Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board under the Global Innovation Alliance, IoT Tribe runs the heavily-subsidised London Tech Calling programme to assist scaleups and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore that are planning to expand into the UK and European markets.

Scaleups and SMEs that participate in the market access programme will receive support in defining their priorities for the UK market, analysing and accessing suitable development opportunities, and guidance on market entry. IoT Tribe’s headquarters in London, UK will serve as a primary base for their market access into the region.

What The Programme Will Provide

8 to 10 scaleups and SMEs will be selected to participate in each cohort of the London Tech Calling programme, and each will get to work with a wide range of tech experts, business coaches, mentors and strategic partners to propel their market expansion plans to the UK and beyond.

Currently conducted in a hybrid format, selected scaleups and SMEs can expect to participate in a series of online capacity building activities to buff up their business growth and go-to-market strategy for the European markets, their product and technology as well as marketing, business development, and more. This is followed by a 6-week soft landing in London, UK to develop their regional presence. Networking sessions will also be held to maximise their opportunities to meet with corporates, investors, clients and partners from the region.

Dependent on the travel advisories during the programme period, participation may also entail an optional one-week market immersion trip to the UK to capture additional business opportunities and build in-market connections.

Phase #1

Virtual Capacity Building – Weeks 1 to 4

The first phase of the programme focuses on understanding the UK market, and developing the necessary skills to gain entry. Each cohort member will be assigned mentors, while the IoT Tribe team works closely with you during this time to define your priorities.

Phase #2

Soft Landing in the UK – Weeks 5 to 10

Participating representatives will take part either virtually or in-person in one-to-one meetings with various prospects and partners in the UK, with introductions curated and facilitated based on your specialised business needs.

Phase #3

Anchoring Your Impact – 6 Months

Participating companies will continue on as IoT Tribe alumni upon graduation from the programme and receive follow-on support from the team. Alumni companies will also be invited to stay active within our networks and remain participative through our events.

Upcoming Cohorts

Held between June and November this year, the upcoming cohorts to embark on IoT Tribe’s London Tech Calling programme will thematically feature scaleups and SMEs with best-in-class technologies in their respective industries of focus:

Cohort #03: Smart & Sustainable Cities

June – August 2021

Pioneer the development of smarter, greener infrastructure in UK and European cities through the strategic expansion of your setup into the region.

Relevant Industries: Built Environment, Mobility, Energy, Networks & Connectivity

Cohort #04: Fintech & Cybersecurity

July – October 2021

Shape the future of the booming financial services and cybersecurity sectors in the UK and Europe with your cutting-edge technologies.

Relevant Industries: B2B Finance, Blockchain, Payments, IoT Security

Cohort #05: Industrial & Manufacturing

September – November 2021

Drive the disruption and adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies to unlock new value creation across industries in the UK and Europe.

Relevant Industries: Industry 4.0, Supply Chain, Logistics, Telecommunications

Eligibility Criteria

Proven Track Record

Applicants should already be post-revenue with some traction in their market of focus, and they will also be assessed during the screening process for their eagerness to expand into the UK and European markets.

Made in Singapore

Applying companies should be registered in Singapore and be able to demonstrate at least 30% local shareholding.

Commitment to Participation

Representatives of accepted companies will be required to commit fully to participate actively across all phases of the programme, with the guaranteed support of their board.

Financial Capabilities

Participating scaleups and SMEs should possess the financial capacity to bear all ancillary costs related to participation in the programme.

Babbobox – London Tech Calling #01

Though it is still halfway through the programme, I’ve already found it to be really
beneficial with the structure, various webinars with different experts in order to get us ready for entry into the UK market. Giving us a wealth of information.

On top of all that, most valuable were the introductions made through IoT Tribe’s contacts. At times, I do feel they have gone over and beyond what they are tasked to do. At this point, I must say that I’m more than satisfied and am looking forward to the rest of the programme.

– Alex Chan, CEO

SensorFlow – Deeptech Accelerator #01

The London Tech Calling programme comes at a perfect time for SensorFlow as we are gearing up to expand internationally in line with the global hospitality sector’s need to optimise energy and operational efficiency while adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are looking forward to making the most out of the support and the new connections via the programme to further expand the use of our technology which helps hotels and commercial properties maximise the use of limited resources, adopt clean technologies, and become more sustainable.

– Saikrishnan Ranganathan, CEO