Connected Places: Welcoming Our First Cohort

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Our Connected Places Accelerator has officially begun and the whole IoT Tribe team is excited to announce the 10 ground-breaking companies that make up our cohort.

Every member of our cohort is developing technology that not only enables smarter, more connected cities and buildings but also supports decarbonisation and will assist corporates, local authorities and governments in reaching their net-zero goals.

Spread across eight countries, our cohort is made up of people with a wide range of industry backgrounds and experiences. From engineers and public procurement officers to photographers, artists and street magicians, they each bring their own unique skill sets and experiences which will not only help their own companies grow over the course of the programme, but will also help them support other members of the cohort and build relationships across the industry.

1. WeavAir

Offering business intelligence solutions for real estate & transportation hubs and systems, composed of predictive software and multi-sensor IoT devices that measure 20 different metrics (on air quality, predictive maintenance and people flow) in real-time at 95% accuracy.

2. Cubelizer

Helping physical spaces managers and designers understand the use of the space to improve design and operation, through the use of accurate and consistent information gathered in an anonymous way from their in-house developed real time image processing solution.

3. UrbanTide

Their enterprise-scale data innovation platform and unique and growing AI catalogue supports cities in monitoring emissions and enables energy companies to unlock renewable potential.


Focusing on small power, they use a machine learning platform and IoT enabled power sockets to automatically identify and eliminate wasted energy and emissions.

5. Valaa Technologies

Retrofitting legacy building automation systems with cloud connectivity and other smart capabilities without initial investments. Their patent pending technology combines IoT and software robotics to gain full control of old controllers that usually lack other integration methods and standardised protocols.

6. Hawa Dawa

They provide an air quality monitoring and management solution with high spatial and temporal data resolution (street-level, near-real-time) on a global basis. Its proprietary monitoring devices offer high-precision data acquisition for the fraction of the price of conventional devices.

7. Everimpact

They help cities and companies track their carbon footprint, certify their emissions reductions, and fund their projects that remove CO2. Everimpact is an IoT software that combines satellite, ground sensors, and AI data to establish cities and businesses’ carbon footprint.

8. Breeze Technologies

A technology leader for air quality and ambient emissions sensors, data and analytics software, Breeze Technologies leverages the internet of things and artificial intelligence to help cities and businesses generate hyperlocal ambient emissions data to create better clean air action plans and a more liveable environment.

9. Mobilized Construction

By evaluating road conditions through third-party sensors installed onto fleet vehicles they are solving the pesky pothole and crumbling roads problem local authorities face across the UK and much of the world. The end goal is safer, greener, and more cost effective roads.

10. Geckomatics

A one-stop-shop solution for mapping and understanding public space. Their technology puts you in the driver’s seat to create 360º geographic images of your city and identify physical assets. Make inventories of trees, pavement quality, traffic signs, street furniture, parking facilities, and more.

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