IoT Tribe SG Tech Games

IoT Tribe © 24 jun 2020

It’s a wrap – IoT Tribe SG Tech Games 2020

Wednesday the 17th June was finally time for the IoT Tribe SG Tech Games. It was the culmination of 12 weeks of intensive work with the startups in our Deeptech Accelerator Programme in partnership with Enterprise Singapore under the Global Innovation Alliance.

Over the course of the programme, our cohort of deeptech startups have had the opportunity to strengthen their tech, their talent and their pitch with the help of our in-house data scientist, business coaches, mentors and industry experts.

We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of founders and speakers for the Tech Games which saw over 300 attendees.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making it such a great event. Our corporate partners, our panellists, our startups, the business coaches and mentors who have been working with the startups and an extra big thank you to Enterprise Singapore for making it a possibility.

“We have been privileged to work with an amazing group of passionate and talented people, not just the founders of the startups who are graduating into the Tribe, but also our mentors and partners who put so much into supporting the teams. This is a collective achievement and one of which we are truly proud to have played a part.” – Tanya Suarez, CEO & Founder of IoT Tribe


The Tech Games kicked off with a Corporate Panel on finding the next startup to co-create new offerings with, consisting of:

  • Justin Chin, Head of Partnerships, IoT Tribe (Moderator)
  • Sachin Gupta, Chief of IoT Capability Group, Rolls Royce
  • Abhinav Singhal, Chief Strategic Officer, Asia Pacific, Thyssenkrupp
  • Simon Siah, Innovation Consultant, Y-Lab, National Gallery Singapore

We were treated to a great discussion covering topics such as the opportunities and challenges to implement new tech during a global pandemic, the importance of thinking big but starting small and insight into innovation strategies of large corporations.

“It was a very well organized event. Great to hear from fellow panellist about the increasing focus on innovation and external partnerships” – Abhinav Singhal, Thyssenkrupp Singapore

Our startups took the virtual stage to pitch to over 200 attendees consisting of investors, corporate partners and influential people from the tech industry. Our startups showcased their product, their company and their visions.

To find out more about our startups, download our brochure or scroll down to book a meeting.

“We found the IoT Tribe accelerator program extremely useful as it helped us grow in multiple aspects of our business. The intensive workshops gave us access to and guidance from experts.” Rachel Hong, Meracle

The attendees the enjoyed a  brilliant discussion about tech investments, which explored;  the concept of investing in teams rather than products, what to look out for in a term sheet and how to plan for a future overshadowed by Covid19.



  • Tanya Suarez, CEO, IoT Tribe (Moderator)
  • Benno Jering, Principal, Redline Capital
  • Joseph Mocanu, Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund
  • Jeffrey Chi, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Vickers Venture Partners

“Over these 12 weeks, we worked intensively with our cohort startups, ran capacity-building workshops, connected startups with industry experts and mentors. We’re extremely excited to showcase our cohort startups to the larger ecosystem.”
Valerie Lim, Head of Programmes SG

From our partners

“I will like to acknowledge the fantastic work of our partner, IoT Tribe, for planning and executing such a well-curated programme, as well as the mentors and partners for helping to groom the next generation of Deep Tech leaders in Asia.” Jonathan Lim, Director of Global Innovation Network Enterprise Singapore

“I was impressed by IoT Tribes’ organisation and hard work to bring together the key players in Singapore and the region. The inaugural cohort comprised startups covering many sectors. The use of technology to bring everyone together in a virtual environment worked well. Congratulations.” – Tim Rockell, Mentor

But remember

Our work with the exceptional founders that are part of our Tribe is an ongoing process. For the IoT Tribe SG Deeptech Accelerator Programme 2020 cohort, there are a further 6 months of follow-on support. They will then join the 200+ Tribe alumni who continue to benefit from access to opportunities that will help them scale further. We were delighted to showcase some of them and hope that you enjoyed hearing about their businesses, as much as we have enjoyed supporting them. We are also extremely grateful for the support from our corporate partners for whom we cultivate introductions to the most impressive and relevant startups and technologies that fit with their innovation strategies and are perfectly positioned to drive business growth.

A reminder of our exciting startups

IoT Tribe has accelerated 11 deep tech startups pioneering artificial intelligence, internet of things, industry 4.0, drones, big data, robotics, cyber security, smart sensors technologies, and serve a variety of sectors including the government, smart cities, energy, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, industrial, construction, banking and finance, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture amongst others.

Wall-climbing swarm robots for construction, to augment worker capabilities

Agriculture technology company revolutionizing crop intelligence


Improving the management and outcomes of chronic respiratory conditions, including asthma and COVID-19

Modularised and customised ERP and business productivity solution for enterprises and SMEs

Server-less positioning system for fast-moving robots and indoor applications

Device-specific biometric security to prevent unauthorised transactions for regulated industry players

Operations, risk, issues and incident management platform with deep technology and big data at its core

Financial crime intelligence software for the protection of individuals, public and private sectors

Enterprise monitoring of multi-users vital signs in healthtech and medtech

Enhancing customer experience and saving operational costs using a contactless & secure Voice-Assistant for enterprises

Proactive solution that prevents the spread of contamination and infection, ensuring comprehensive regulation compliance, while reducing operation costs