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Space Endeavour Tech Games

Over the course of 8 weeks, IoT Tribe accelerated 13 space tech startups pioneering technologies across various areas. The Space Endeavour Tech Games represented the culmination of intensive work with the start-ups, taking an in-depth look at their products, their markets and their investment needs.

The 150+ attendees saw 13 startup pitches and heard from thought leaders from multiple industries and domains on panel discussions on the future of European space technology and its relevance for life, love and the universe. Well maybe not love…

We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of founders and speakers for the Tech Games and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to making it such a great event!

IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Tech Games

13 exciting startup pitches + 2 panel discussions on European space tech

The Tribe Pitches

IoT Tribe has accelerated 13 spacetech startups pioneering technologies across verticals. From start-ups that rely on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions for real time, resilient macroeconomic forecasting, to companies that identify and detect oil pollution through orbiting satellites or cargo optimisation using Quantum Computing technology, our cohort has a range of distinctive technologies and market-ready solutions.

We are privileged to work alongside our Space Endeavour partners, the European Commission and the mentors who have freely given their time and expertise to support the teams.

We were proud to hear the pitches and we hope that you enjoyed hearing about their businesses, as much as we have enjoyed supporting them.

13 startup pitches showcasing their amazing tech and the impressive progress they’ve made during the programme

Meet the startups

Mission-critical wireless intelligence for people and assets. If you care, we care

Taking business to the final frontier. Alén Space, be there

Generating smart investment portfolios and anticipating the risk of anomalies in data

Engagement for brands through location-based mobile marketing

Radically increasing transparency of the risks of climate change organisations and communities

A rare combination of civil engineering and earth observation expertise

Urban design for climate change mitigation via environmental and air quality monitoring

Unlocking the hidden potential in the property ecosystem

Kill Big Brother thanks to a real-time fall detector

Solving problems on earth through space observation

Global real-time economic intelligence. Giving you an asymmetric info edge over Wall Street

Using quantum computing for opex efficiency through cargo load optimisation

Saving lives in general aviation

Expanding the impact and adoption of Spacetech

Space Endeavour brings together Space start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and the IoT ecosystem to increase the commercial relevance of the technologies across industrial sectors and accelerate their access to market at scale.

We scout for promising space technologies that can be brought to market from across Europe. Their market relevance will be explored by stakeholders through the initial design studios.

The ventures with the greatest potential are then supported through an intensive acceleration programme that will build the founders capacity and further enable them to build and implement their go to market strategies.

Our collaborative ecosystem offers adapted tools and the support of real experts, from across R&D agencies, the investment landscape and corporates, that can help the founders succeed.