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Gain an unfair advantage. Anticipate disruption, future proof your operations and build long-term market leadership.

We partner and strategically work with industry-leading corporates, public agencies and organisations globally, fuelling their businesses and communities with ground-breaking solutions developed by world-class tech startups and scaleups.

By partnering with us, you will gain access a unique, highly collaborative and curated technology ecosystem, designed to fast-track discovery, validation and adoption of the latest disruptive technologies of strategical relevance to your business and community.

This is an opportunity to enhance your global reach and internal capabilities leveraging our worldwide network from our international hubs in London, Madrid and Singapore.

Enhance Your Capabilities
Leveraging our Strengths

Amplify Tech Discovery

Effectively navigate the tech ecosystem. Discover, track and explore emerging solutions across fields and on a global scale.

Streamline Tech Adoption

Fast track delivery of tangible results against your strategic goals. Pilot and co-develop solutions within an agile and structured framework.

Optimise Risk Management

Engage only with validated and high-relevant solutions strategically sourced and accelerated. Reduce uncertainty and risk across your technology roadmap.

Increase Cost Efficiency

Access the best talent and capabilities worldwide at a fraction of the cost, leveraging ecosystem aggregated efficiencies.

Our Solutions for
Corporate & Public Agency Partners


Identify new tech-fuelled opportunity spaces in your industry and gain access to a pipeline of disruptive and business ready technologies with the potential to scale to execute against them.


A white-label accelerator with a specific technology theme, fuelled by our expertise and network and designed to effectively deliver against your strategic goals and technology roadmap.


Market access programmes and landing pads that will help startups and scaleups scale abroad, or attract them to expand into your country or region.


A platform for leading industry players to jointly build the future of Net Zero operations and business models, and bridge the gap between Net Zero goals and the delivery of tangible results.

Proven ROI

IoT Tribe’s corporate partner Rolls-Royce, which produces turbine blades using an elaborate process spread across multiple facilities, was sourcing innovative solutions as part of its global inventory reduction initiative.

We brought in Smartia, an industrial AI technology startup from our Industrial Tech Accelerator programme. They helped Rolls-Royce to identify several pain-points in their multi-step manufacturing process which caused overly high inventory levels, and to build a forecasting model for production lead times.

This provided actionable insights and streamlined manufacturing operations. directly leading to £1M in savings by the end of Q4.

Proven Impact

IoT Tribe has been partnering with the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council over the past 3 years to build ecosystems and acceleration programmes focused on Industrial Technology and Connected Places. We have attracted, validated and accelerated world-class startups into their tech hub, creating new opportunities and supercharging BMBC’s adoption of disruptive technologies, while impacting their local and regional corporates and communities.

Through the recent run of the Connected Places Accelerator, Barnsley is now working on pilots with 10 global startups with next-generation technologies in areas such as air quality, road safety, digital twins, energy efficiency and broader smart solutions for buildings and commercial spaces. These technologies will improve the lives of the population, increase efficiencies, save costs and generate new revenue streams.

Proven Value

In partnership with Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board, under the Global Innovation Alliance, IoT Tribe runs a Deeptech Accelerator focused on attracting global deeptech startups to expand into Asia via Singapore, as well as a London Tech Calling Market Access Programme for Singapore scaleups and SMEs to expand into the UK and Europe via London.

Over the past year, IoT Tribe has helped over 40 startups, scaleups & SMEs to expand into new markets and tap on opportunities abroad under this strategic partnership. Since the commencement of the programme, the startups in our earlier cohorts have also raised an aggregate US$27.7m in investments and have signed 100+ deals with corporates, public agencies and partners.

Proven Growth

IoT Tribe successfully delivered a Spacetech accelerator involving the commercialisation of 240 space technologies, from the European Space Agency and the broader Space R&D ecosystem by bringing together startups, corporates and researchers from both the Space and IoT communities.

The programme is delivered with partners from prominent European universities including the Information Technology department of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (ES) and the Space Research Centre of the University of Bucharest (RO). It also brings in the expertise of the Space and Aeronautics cluster of the South of France (SAFE). Through the Space Endeavour programme, we have scouted, validated and worked with many of them, helping our corporate partners to fast-track the adoption of these next-generation technologies, while supercharging the growth of participant startups and scaleups.



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