Net Zero Tech Alliance

Join us in achieving real and measurable progress against climate change through a range of collaborative actions that bring together the knowledge, resources and ambition of the members.

Accelerate Progress towards
Net Zero Goals

The Net Zero Tech Alliance is a platform for leading stakeholders from industry, government and academic to jointly create the framework to discover and adopt new ways of solving complex and intractable challenges in collaborative ways, transforming our economy and achieving greater impact while decoupling growth from the intensive use of energy and resources.


Working on common goals, the Alliance creates an unparalleled framework to solve complex and intractable challenges, in a collaborative manner. This will help achieve greater impact at a quicker pace and more efficiently than to do so individually. It will convene change-makers, curate discussions and accelerate technologies that can drive progress.


What got you here, won’t get you there. The most obvious measures to reduce the use of energy and employ resources more efficiently have already been taken. There is now an urgent need to look for less evident, more impactful solutions that can drive progress exponentially, across sectors and across geographies.

Ecosystem Development

Provide a curated community for leading stakeholders to find ways to collaborate on common challenges related to the transformation required to meet decarbonisation goals across industry and society.

Outcomes Oriented

Enable immediate action on the member’s own net zero strategy and commitments.

Next-Gen Technologies

Facilitate rapid access to next-gen net zero solutions, fast-tracking discovery, validation, adoption, and scaling of the technologies across operations.

Aggregated Efficiencies

Lower the cost of tech experimentation and adoption by aggregating demand amongst industry players through sharing approaches, data on performance, benchmarking and technology co-creation.

End-to-end Approach

De-risk the technological experimentation that is inherent in exploring new approach to achieve significant change in operations and behaviour.

Full-fledged Impact

Provide an environment in which employees and other stakeholders can be part of the conversation and understand the impact they can have on organisational net zero targets.

Measurable Results

Enable organisations to understand their carbon footprint, provide tools to influence decarbonisation and resource efficiency across supply chains in a reliable way to report to shareholders.


To set targets that enable progress towards your Net Zero agenda.


To communicate, garner support and stem the progress of climate change.


To take effective tech and science-led actions that yield results.

Moving The Green Needle:
Upcoming Leaders’ Roundtable

By Invite Only

Online, 21 July 2021

9.00AM – 11.30AM (BST/GMT+1)

4.00PM – 6.30PM (SGT/GMT+8)


The transition to carbonless operations in a deliberate and cost-efficient way requires a long-term strategy and frameworks that allow for effective adoption of new technologies.

Moving The Green Needle – the inaugural event of the Net Zero Tech Alliance – will open up the discussion on what has been achieved so far and what can be done on the technological front to advance net zero goals.

By invite only, the event series will bring together 30 senior executives from leading corporates, public agencies and key stakeholders – including sustainability and tech leaders – to jointly shape a global perspective on the future of sustainable operations and business models.

More information on the roundtable session will be released in due course.


Register your interest by 13 July 2021 to be part of Moving the Green Needle and take your net zero tech journey to the next level.

Attendance is limited to 30 participants and IoT Tribe reserves the right to pre-qualify participants.

Registration Deadline