Commemorating Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth

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With the climate crisis at the forefront of our minds, we commemorate this year’s Earth Day by bringing attention to climate action taking place across the globe.

Restore our Earth – that was the theme of Earth Day 2021.

People across the world are excited as life is gradually returning to what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, but climate activists are equally keen to see progress being made towards decarbonisation. To some, 2021 has even been termed a make-or-break year for the climate crisis.

President Biden used Earth Day as an opportunity to host 40 world leaders for a climate summit – formalising the United States’ return to compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement. He announced a new target at the summit to reduce climate pollution in the US, committing to cut carbon emissions by 50 to 52%, which will effectively lower emissions to pre-2005 levels by 2030. This marks part of a larger and more comprehensive plan to achieve net zero emissions before 2050.

This recent move also goes hand in hand with large-scale investments toward green technologies, constituting a promise of 500,000 EV charging stations along highways, carbon capture and storage facilities, as well as hydrogen energy plants.

Stressing the importance of a global move towards net zero, President Biden strove to renew confidence in the Paris Climate Agreement, signed in 2015 and brought together 197 nations – unified by a common goal of slowing down global temperature rises and greenhouse gas emissions.

And while progress has been made, the UN warned that current actions across countries are not ambitious enough to meet their pledged targets. In the UK, there are struggles to cut carbon emissions by 80% before 2050, and the Committee on Climate Change admitted in 2019 that policy action might have fallen short of their initial targets. As one of only 6 nations that have passed legislation to formally establish net zero targets, the UK has positioned itself as a leader in the move towards a carbon-neutral world, but more efforts will be needed to keep decarbonisation efforts on track.

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